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21 Cricut Leather Projects (& Faux Leather!)

If you’re looking for Cricut leather projects, this post has 21 awesome options for you to choose from! From baby booties and pencil pouches to cord organizers, passport holders, keychains, earrings, and more, there’s something for every crafter in here! These images are shared with the permission of their respective owners. Enjoy!

21 Cricut Leather Projects (& Faux Leather!)

Hey all! If you liked my recent roundups on Cricut earring projects and Cricut felt projects, you’re in luck. Today I’ve got another crafty roundup for you: 21 Cricut leather projects!

And if leather isn’t your thing, don’t worry. There are plenty of gorgeous faux leather options out there, both from Cricut and other brands, that you can use instead. Including some really nice metallic leathers. This post contains a ton of options for you, so let’s jump in!

Cricut leather projects

1. DIY Pencil Pouch

This pretty no-sew leather pencil pouch by Steph at Crafting in the Rain isn’t just a tutorial about cutting leather on Cricut. It also includes handy tips for using a grommet kit, which I’ve never done!

The finished product is super professional looking, and I could see it having an application far beyond just pens. (Incidentally, these are actually my husband’s favorite kind of pens, lol.)

leather pencil case and pens

2. Leather Embellished Loafers

Have you ever found a plain item that you wanted to jazz up? In the 90s, all we had was the Bedazzler. (Which, don’t get me wrong…it was amazing.) Now you can use your Cricut to add leather detail to plain loafers like Kristi Murphy did here.

loafers with leather embellishment made with Cricut

3. Leather Hair Clip

I love this leather flower hair clip by Kleinworht & Co, including how they used buttons for the center of the flower. This is actually faux leather, which comes from Cricut in a handy roll.

If you like leather hair accessories, check out my tutorial for cutting leather on a Cricut machine to make a hair bow.

leather flower hair clip made with Cricut

4. Leather Key Fob Keychain

Pretty keychains are one of those things that, while you don’t necessarily need them, they sure are fun to have. The Denver Housewife used her Cricut machine to make these patterned leather key fob keychains. I love a good practical DIY!

I could see a lot of utility in these for labeling different keys, too. You could use iron-on vinyl to add a name to the keychain. Because that label you wrote on the key will inevitably wear off, speaking from experience 🙂

eight mult-patterned key fobs made with leather

5. Bound Leather Travel Journal

This pretty leather travel journal by The Crafted Sparrow uses rose gold leather, and I’m so impressed that she actually walks you through how to bind the journal yourself! She designed it specifically to be used for sketching or watercolor painting on the go.

travel journal made from leather with Cricut

6. DIY Leather Cord Organizers

These leather customized cord organizers from Clean And Scentsible are something everyone needs! Our junk drawer has so, so many cords in it, tangled up with one another. I have no idea what cord is for what, and I’d be able to keep it so much more organized with these.

I’d love to be able to label things like “iPad charger” or “general micro-USB cord.” Because you always seem to have every cord that you AREN’T looking for!

earbuds wrapped in leather cord organizers

7. DIY Cricut Baby Slippers

I gasped when I saw these adorable faux leather baby slippers by The DIY Mommy. I met Christina a few years ago at a conference, and she’s so sweet and talented.

These do require some basic sewing skills, and she made them using faux leather. I also love how she used fabric and a button to embellish them. These would be an amazon gift!

pink leather baby slippers made using a Cricut

8. DIY Leather Keychain

Another keychain in the roundup, these personalized leather keychains by Moms and Crafters are an easy beginner leather project because they don’t require sewing, layering, binding, or other assembly techniques. Simply cut and glue onto a key ring.

keychains made from leather spelling daddy and daniel

9. Designer Leather Crossbody Bag

This fun DIY crossbody bag embellishment by Damask Love makes a serious statement. Amber saw an expensive bag she loves and decided to make a knockoff version for herself. She didn’t sew the bag, so this is a really approachable project.

In addition to the bag and some leather, you’ll need some iron-on vinyl and leather paint. Take a look at Amber’s post for the full tutorial, including what is literally the cutest tiny iron I’ve ever seen in my life.

red purse with face added using leather

If you like these Cricut leather projects, check out my guide to cutting basswood with a knife blade, my EasyPress 2 overview, and my tips for how to lay iron-on vinyl!

10. Leather Passport Covers

Creative passport covers like these by Artsy Fartsy Mama aren’t just cute, they are practical! You can store your passport, foreign currency, printed tickets, customs forms, or whatever you need to save in one spot.

And how cute are these two designs? Lindsay used a variety of faux leathers and iron-on embellishments to make these—plus a bit of sewing for the assembly. Love them!

three passport covers made using leather and a Cricut

11. Easy DIY Placemats Project

I love these modern leather placemats from Sugar and Cloth—and I’m pretty impressed that they are leather! Each placemat takes a full sheet of Cricut leather, and it would be next to impossible to quickly cut this design out by hand.

table setting using leather placemat

12. Glitter and Suede Earrings Made With Cricut

I love how these fun glittery earrings by my friend Cori at Hey Let’s Make Stuff incorporate gold glitter iron-on (to match the earring hardware!) with the faux suede base. These are so gorgeous!

leather earring with glitter made with a Cricut

13. DIY Bracelets

When I saw these stylish leather bracelets by 100 Directions with Jen Goode, I actually thought they were those hairbands that have a little decorative piece on them. You know, the kind that is supposed to help cover up the hairband on the top area of your ponytail.

That means that this would be a super versatile DIY! Instead of making leather bracelets, you might be able to adapt the design to be a fancy hairband.

leather feather bracelet and leather bracelet with mountains

14. DIY Leather Flower Hair Accessories

My daughter would be all about these DIY flower ponytail holders by Moms and Crafters. She is really getting in to hair accessories, including big hair bows, now that she has a friend at school who wears cute hair bows every day! Check out the layered approach using faux leather.

flowered hair tie made with a Cricut

15. DIY Monogram Keyring

These cute color block monogram keyrings by Damask Love are super easy to make, and like the other keyring project in this roundup, they’d make a great beginner project if you’re new to working with leather on a Cricut.

Amber incorporated some leather paint for a “dipped” effect that I love. Check out her full tutorial on her blog for how she attached the letters to the key rings!

monogram keyrings made from leather painted in color blocking patterns

16. Maple Leaf Throw Pillow

See how Lydia from Lydi Outloud added a faux leather maple leaf for a touch of fall to a throw pillow. You could do this type of DIY for any holiday.

buffalo checked pillow with leather maple leaf

17. Leopard Print Bag Makeover

Okay, so this one isn’t necessarily a Cricut leather project, but it has a leather base! My Poppet made a custom leather leopard print by using an existing brown leather bag and adding black iron-on in the pattern of leopard spots.

purse with leopard detail

18. Leather Baby Shoes Project Made With Project

My like the little booties from The DIY Mommy earlier in this post, these sweet little leather baby shoes from Delia Creates are absolutely to die for. I truly cannot believe how gorgeous and professional these look, down to the little button!

Delia is also providing the free cut file for these shoes, as well as tips for the different types of real or faux leather to use for baby shoes. Keep in mind that these do involve sewing, but it’s hand sewing. Oh—and she has a video tutorial!

leather baby shoes made with a Cricut

19. DIY Faux Leather Basket Project

The Crafted Sparrow made this classy faux leather basket using 12″ by 24″ faux leather from Cricut, which I didn’t even know they had! That means you’ll need a larger 12″ by 24″ mat as well, but the larger size really expands the type of projects you can do.

The pattern is really simple and easy to construct, and I love the little embellishment she added. Definitely hop over to her blog to check out this full project!

leather basket with pumpkins made with a Cricut

20. Luggage Tag

These personalized luggage tags by Club Crafted are handy and pretty. She used faux leather for these. Hop over to her blog to see how she did the colored in-lay portion to make the name stand out, too.

luggage tags made from leather using Cricut

21. DIY Leather Earrings Made With a Cricut

And for the last leather project, we’ve got one more set of earrings! These fun faux leather earrings by Amy Latta Creations will make an easy beginner projects, much like the keychains in this post. I also love the two-tone look Amy created using a gold paint pen.

leather earring hanging on a mug

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