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20 Cricut Earring Projects!

Looking for Cricut earring projects inspiration? This post shares 20 earring DIYs made with Cricut machines, including paper earrings, leather earrings, wood earrings, and more! These images are shared with the permission of their respective owners. Enjoy!

Cricut earring projects: 20 gorgeous & easy ideas!

Hey all, today it’s all about Cricut—specifically Cricut earring projects! You might not immediately think, “hey, I could use a Cricut machine to make earrings.” And let me tell you what: you’d be wrong!

This post rounds up 20 gorgeous and easy DIY earring ideas, including cardstock earrings, DIY leather earrings, wood earrings, and more. Make sure to visit all of the links for the projects you like for the full tutorials! Let’s get started.

1. DIY Paper Earrings Made With Cricut

These colorful and fun paper earrings from the House That Lars Built use cardstock, gold rings, and gold earring hardware. They made them using a Cricut Explore Air 2, but you could easily make this project on any Cricut machine!

Some of the designs feature cutouts, while others have layered cardstock. Here are just two of the designs Brittany put together—there are a bunch more, including a cute option with rainbows!

women wearing colorful paper earrings made with Cricut

2. DIY Leather Earrings

Crafting in the Rain made these teardrop-shaped leather earrings—if you’re not into real leather, don’t worry, these are actually faux leather! You can easily replicate this project using one of the many awesome faux leather options Cricut has.

I also love following Steph from Crafting in the Rain on Instagram, so check out her website and feed for more fun Cricut crafts!

3 sets of leather earrings made with the Cricut Maker

3. Deathly Hallows Cricut Earrings

This is a reference that I 100% do not get since I am not a Harry Potter person (sorry), but my friend Cori from Hey Let’s Make Stuff has a tutorial for these adorable Harry Potter Deathly Hallows earrings!

Cori actually made these in response to a reader request because she’s just that nice 🙂 She opted to use faux suede for these earrings, but they could be easily made out of other materials as well.

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows earrings hanging on a white mug

4. Faux Leather Earrings

Another set of faux leather earrings—these faux pebbled leather earrings from Create and Babble have a gorgeous feather shape. Jeanie also made quite a few other designs as part of her post on DIY earrings you can make what your Cricut, so definitely check that out!

feather shaped leather earrings made with Cricut

5. Wood Veneer Earrings

When I first saw Cricut’s new wood veneer product, I wondered what I’d use it for. I like their basswood (see my post about cutting basswood with the Maker’s knife blade), but the veneer was so thin and lightweight that I wasn’t immediately sure what practical application it would have.

Jennifer Maker ran with its light weight, though, making fall inspired wood veneer earrings! She also has some handy tips for working with wood veneer, as well as instructions for adding this gorgeous foil overlay.

leaf shaped wood veneer earrings made with a Cricut Maker

6. Lightweight Feather Leather Earrings

These lightweight feather earrings from Refresh Restyle are really simple to cut and attach the earring hardware to. French hooks were a great choice for these.

turquoise leather earrings hanging on wooden box

7. Fun-Shaped Cricut Earrings

Angie at the Country Chic Cottage has a ton of great Cricut tutorials on YouTube that I’ve used myself. Very to-the-point and practical. Her Cricut projects are great, too.

She made these hearts, half moons, and triangles earrings using faux leather. Plus, obviously, she has a video tutorial to go along with the post! 🙂

leather earrings with heart, half moon, and triangle cut outs

8. Easy DIY Earrings

You’re probably noticing a pattern of using faux leather for earrings. That’s because it’s such a lightweight material. These personalized earrings by Jen Goode actually use real leather and iron-on vinyl.

Jen also glued a few pretty bits and bobs to the center of her earrings for some extra dimension. (See my post about working with leather to make a hairbow with Cricut!)

clover shaped earring with beads

9. Engraved and Debossed Cricut Earrings

These engraved and debossed leather earrings from Moms & Crafters are a great use of the Cricut Maker’s quick swap tools for engraving and debossing.

This post also has a ton of tips about making earrings in general, including working with leather and working with the engraving and debossing tips. (I also have posts about how to use the engraving and debossing tips!)

collection of 6 pairs of earrings made with Cricut

10. Double Feather Earrings

We’ve seen a lot of feather-shaped earrings made with a Cricut machine, but what about double feather leather earrings? Say that 5 times fast! These beauties made by Mad in Crafts has two different-sized feathers layered on top of one another.

double feather earrings laying in sequins

11. Embossed Clay Earrings Made With a Cricut Stencil

Alexis from Persia Lou is seriously one of THE creative craft minds on the internet. I love her! She made these polymer clay earrings using custom stencils that she cut on her Cricut. You see a lot of faux leather in DIY cricut earring projects, but you don’t see a lot of clay.

So, after cutting the clay shapes, she rolled the stencils out over them and baked the earrings. Check out the full tutorial for all of the details, including what she used for the stencils!

3 sets of colorful DIY earrings

12. Easy Layered Earrings

These stunning multi-layered earrings by 100 Directions with Jen Goode incorporate three layers: blue faux leather for the base, green faux leather for the bottom leaf layer, and gorgeous iron-on foil for the accent.

This is also the perfect project to break out your EasyPress Mini! (See how I used my EasyPress Mini to adhere glitter iron-on to wood.)

blue and green with leaves

13. Santa Earrings

My daughter would absolutely love something like this in a clip-on form! As we cruise into fall, these santa earrings made with the Explore Air 2 are adorable.

Heidi from Happiness is Homemade made these using a combination of leather and iron-on. Another perfect small-scale EasyPress Mini project!

santa suit earrings hanging on white mug

14. Flourish Earrings

How cute are these leafy earrings with intricate designs by Laura’s Crafty Life? At first I thought they were felt, but they are—you guessed it—faux leather 🙂

Speaking of, though…they’d probably be cute with felt, too. I wrote about how Cricut’s felt is a bit stiffer than regular felt you’d buy at the craft store when I made dollhouse rugs with it.

blue branch with leaves earrings hanging on white mug

15. Engraved Wood Earrings

Another earrings project from Angie Holden—she made these engraved wood earrings using basswood, gel stain, and an engraving tip! The possibilities are endless with this combo.

Also keep in mind that the Cricut basswood is really thin and lightweight, so it doesn’t weigh down your ears like you think wood might!

wooden earrings made and engraved with Cricut

16. Leather Arch Cricut-Made Earrings

After fun one from Steph at Crafting in the Rain. These fun retro-style earrings are SPEAKING to me on a number of levels. Also, why do I feel like these could make really cute modern Christmas tree decorations in holiday-themed colors?

pink leather earrings shaped like and arch

17. Mandala Earrings

These gorgeous tear drop earrings with mandala vinyl overlays designed by Amy Romeu for Jennifer Maker make a big statement! Layering vinyl is always a great way to create dimension in your designs.

And these have a lot of layers! It will take some patience to make these layered mandala earrings, but the result is clearly worth it. Grab all of the tips in the full tutorial on Jennifer Maker’s website!

three sets of colorful leather earrings

18. DIY Cricut Watermelon Earrings

These fun summer watermelon earrings by Happiness is Homemade might be my favorite ones of the bunch so far! They actually use lightweight chipboard as the base, and you’d never know it! (Much like you’d never know it with my chipboard monstera leaf wall decor.)

This is also a perfect way to use up smaller scraps in your scrap drawer. I always save even the tiniest scraps of common colors like black and white, and they’d be put to great use on those seeds!

watermelon shaped earrings hanging on a white mug

19. Layered Wood Veneer Pinecone Earrings

Another great project from Ms. Cori at Hey Let’s Make Stuff. These gorgeous pinecone earrings from wood veneer have a lovely dimensional look.

That’s because they layer not one, but TWO layers of wood veneer. At first glance, I actually thought the top layer had an additional layer of gold adhesive vinyl over it, too. But it’s just the unfinished look of the veneer, and it looks fab.

pinecone earrings made from wood veneer hanging on a white mug

20. Faux Leather Puckered Feather Earrings

And we’ll wrap up with one last faux leather feather earrings project. These puckered feather earrings from Jolly & Happy have a neat look since they are gathered at the top, creating a more dimensional look. I also like how they are on a somewhat longer earring chain.

woman wearing feather earring made out of leather

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