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19 Cricut Felt Projects to Inspire

Looking for Cricut felt projects to inspire your next crafting session? This roundup has felt flowers, banners, puppets, play food, and more! These images are shared with the permission of their respective owners. Enjoy!

19 Cricut felt projects to inspire your next crafting session

Hey all! Ever since making some miniatures for my daughter’s dollhouse (including the area rugs made of felt), I have been really into the idea of felt crafting with my Cricut. (By the way, if you haven’t seen it and are in to that sort of thing, see her modern dollhouse I designed and built from scratch—it’s on my other blog!)

I have done a couple of things that haven’t made the blog yet. Sometimes you just want to craft without taking a bunch of pics and documenting it all. Plus there is always some trial and error when working with new materials.

But if you’re looking for Cricut felt projects to inspire your next crafting session, this roundup is for you! I am sharing 19 awesome Cricut felt projects for a variety of things. Flowers, banners, puppets, play food, and even a fancy dog collar. And more! So let’s get started—

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1. DIY Felt Flowers Made With Cricut

I love felt flowers, but I always feel like they would take sooo much work and attention to detail to make. This tutorial for amazingly detailed felt flowers by Create and Babble shows you how to make the felt flowers without cutting each individual petal. Because that would be torture.

wreath with felt flowers that were made on a Cricut machine

2. DIY Felt Rainbow

Okay, my daughter is deep into a rainbow phase, and I feel like she’d really appreciate this adorable poly filled felt rainbow made by Lauras Crafty Life. Heads up that it does involve some sewing! She used a machine, but you might be able to do it by hand, too.

felt rainbow made with cricut

3. DIY Felt Halloween Banner

Just in time for Halloween (because I’m posting this in October 2021), this cute, not creepy felt Halloween banner by Happiness is Homemade would be perfect for a kids Halloween party!

I love the dimensional look that layered felt creates, and this one turned out great. You could easily replicate this layered felt approach for any type of banner for any holiday or birthday.

pennant style halloween banner made from felt

3. DIY Felt Play Food

So cute! This DIY felt food that almost looks good enough to eat from The Country Chic Cottage was made using a Cricut! Because what kind of maniac can cut in a perfect circle? 🙂

These can be stitched by hand, which is great news for those of you who either don’t own a sewing machine or just don’t have a desire to sew that much. A needle and thread is each and not much of an investment.

felt sandwich and cookies made using a Cricut

4. DIY Felt Dollhouse Rugs Made Using the Cricut Maker

The DIY felt dollhouse rugs I made as part of my post on 7 dollhouse miniatures you can make with the Cricut Maker have gotten a lot of use in our house. They are a fun touch for the DIY dollhouse I made my daughter. I layered some and used a single piece of felt for others.

dollgouse rugs made of felt on a Cricut Maker

5. Easy Felt Christmas Trees

My friend Cori as Hey Let’s Make Stuff made these adorable colorful and easy to make felt Christmas trees! The tutorial also includes some great tips on working with felt on a Cricut machine.

colorful felt Christmas trees made with Cricut

6. Jungle Finger Puppets Made Out of Felt

I think my daughter would lose it if she saw these! She loves finger puppets, and the fact that these sweet little finger puppets ever from House Wife Eclectic also have GOOGLEY EYES? Adorable!

monkey, elephant, zebra, giraffe, and lion finger puppets made from felt on a Cricut

7. DIY Birthday Felt Pennants

I love these Happy Birthday pennants from the House That Lars Built because you can adapt this tutorial for any celebration. Birthday? Great. Graduation party? Also great. Just looking for kids room decor? Super! Just use the flag template and decide what to put on it.

collection of colorful birthday pennants made with felt on a Cricut

For more Cricut tutorial posts, check out my guide to cutting basswood with a knife blade, my EasyPress 2 overview, and my tips for how to lay iron-on vinyl!

8. Cricut Felt Bows

If you want to get a bit extra for your holiday wrapping this year, check out these custom bows by Steph at Crafting in the Rain. Will they make your gift recipients think you have too much time on your hands? Yes. Will it be worth it because they look amazing? Also yes.

red bow made with felt on package

9. 3-1 Felt Flower Accessories

You’ll love this post about 3 ways to use this felt flower from 100 Directions with Jen Goode. She used a Cricut to cut out the felt flower chain and shows you 3 different ways to accessorize it!

felt flower bracelet

10. Winter Felt Ornaments

Definitely adding some winter-themed felt Christmas ornaments like these by Albion Gould to our crafting list! I feel like this would be fun to do with kids—cut out the parts and work with kids to glue them together and make the ornaments!

snowman, mitten teacup felt ornaments on a Christmas tree

11. DIY Potted Felt Succulents Made With a Cricut

If you’ve ever been to my other blog, you’ll know I love real plants. Maybe too much. But I know real plants aren’t for everyone, and these potted felt succulents by Sustain My Craft Habit are adorable! Best part? You can’t overwater them and kill them. 🙂

five potted succulents made from felt on a Cricut

12. Felt Carrot Bunting

Easter is still quite a few months away, so you can file this easy carrot felt bunting by The Happy Scraps into your spring projects folder. (Or, better yet, head to the original post and Pin it for the spring!)

Much like many of these projects, you could easily change this project to use something other than a carrot. You could do a kid’s name for room decor, too—like I did for R’s DIY felt and wood bead garland!

felt carrot bunting layered with pennant

13. DIY Felt Animal Masks

These are adorable and the perfect use of felt on a Cricut machine! The fun felt animal masks by Sisters Suitcase are much more comfortable than using paper or cardstock, and cutting the eye holes on a Cricut is much easier than having to jam your scissors in and cut by hand.

I also love how she layered the felt for the ears and nose pieces. You can sew the elastic straps onto the back of the masks, or you can use a strong glue like hot glue!

rabbit and bear felt masks for kids made on a Cricut

Want to know how to make SVGs? See my post on how to turn almost any image into an SVG cut file!

14. Candy Corn Garland

This 15-minute candy corn garland from Hey Let’s Make Stuff is pretty much the only kind of candy corn I like, and you can quote me on that. Perfect for a kids Halloween party of fall classroom decor!

candy corn made from felt on a Cricut

15. Felt Back to School Pennant Flags Project

I love these customizable back to school pennant flags by Ashley of At Home with Ashley. I don’t know about you, but my kid loves holding flags and other things with sticks. And it’s hard to get her to stand still for a picture. Maybe this would help?

It’d also be cute to make one that just says “first day of school” and use it for the first day of school pics every year.

green and white pennant first day of preschool

16. Patterned Felt Gift Pouches

A Kailo Chic Life made these fun felt gift pouches–the stiffer-than-normal Cricut felt is a great use for these since they have a bit more structure to them.

She also used the rotary bade on the felt setting to cut out all of the circles, a task that would have been painful—if not impossible—to do by hand!

felt gift pouch with sunglasses and phone made on a Cricut

17. Felt Christmas Trees

I love understated holiday decor, and these rustic felt Christmas trees by The Country Chic Cottage definitely fit that bill. You could really have these out from late fall through the winter since they don’t really scream “Christmas” or “holidays.”

rustic felt Christmas trees made with felt and wood slices

18. Colorful Felt Pincones

Holly from Club Crafted made these fun colorful felt pinecones by cutting out the felt pieces on her Cricut machine and gluing them in a shingled pattern over a foam oval. Super creative.

bright multi-colored felt pine cone garland

19. DIY Felt Flower Pet Collar Project

And for the last of the Cricut felt projects, how about a pet project? While most dogs would probably destroy this collar through daily use, this DIY felt flower fancy dog collar from Dream a Little Bigger would be perfect for family portraits or a special occasion like a wedding your pup is involved in!

black and white terrier with felt flower collar

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