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DIY Stovetop Potpourri Ornaments

This post is part of my week of Christmas ornament DIYs series. I’m sharing 7 different DIY projects for clear ball ornaments, each of which you can complete in 30 minutes or less. Today I’m making DIY stovetop potpourri ornaments, which make a great gift or party favor as well!

How to make stunning DIY stovetop potpourri ornaments

It’s the last day of my week of DIY Christmas ornaments…<tear> but I saved one of my favorites for last! I love this one because it works double duty: It looks beautiful hanging on your tree or anywhere else, but it also makes your entire home smell like the holidays when you’re ready to crack it open and use it. It also makes the perfect quick gift or party favor.

I did a quick holiday stovetop potpourri post a few years ago that you can draw some inspiration from as well!

DIY Stovetop Potpourri Ornaments

Here’s what I used—

Clear plastic ball ornaments, the kind that can split in half. You can buy them in different sizes; I chose a bigger one.

-Potpourri supplies. You can buy or make these. Here are some suggestions for things to include. Note that if you only want to make one or two of these, buying these items at a grocery store is probably cheaper. If you want to make a bunch, the prices really drop for the slightly larger bulk bags online.

And here’s how to make stovetop potpourri ornaments!

Note: If you use any fresh ingredients, I suggest making these within 24–48 hours of giving them. Fresh ingredients have some moisture in them, which can encourage yucky things like mold growth when you shut everything up in the ornament.

Plus, the ingredients are fresh, so you want them to retain their freshness. If you use all dried ingredients, make sure they are thoroughly dehydrated if you want to be able to make these well in advance and give them a longer shelf life. I’m using only dehydrated ingredients! 🙂

Step 1: Add ingredients

Add the ingredients into one-half of the ornament. (See note above if using fresh ingredients like fresh rosemary or cranberries!)

I’m using dehydrated orange slices (I used our dehydrator, which we’ve had for a few years), whole clovescinnamon sticksstar anise, and dried eucalyptus leaves.

plastic ornament shell
plastic ornament shell and dried orange slices
plastic ornament shell and dried orange slices
plastic ornament shell and dried orange slices with eucalyptus leaves
plastic ornament shell and dried orange slices with eucalyptus leaves
plastic ornament shell and dried orange slices with eucalyptus leaves and star anise
plastic ornament shell and dried orange slices with eucalyptus leaves, star anise, and cloves

Step 2: Close the ornaments

Yep, the second step is actually to just close the ornament…and it’s the last step. You’re done! Aren’t they absolutely gorgeous?

I told you it was easy—I tackle the tough DIYs around here, folks. I hope you enjoyed my week of DIY Christmas ornaments and it gave you some ideas for some holiday-themed DIYs to tackle this season. Enjoy and share your creations with me!!

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DIY Stovetop Potpourri Ornaments
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