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How to Make Glitter Ornaments

I’m sharing 7 different DIY projects for clear ball ornaments, each of which you can complete in 30 minutes or less. Today I’ll share how to make glitter ornaments…the no-mess way!

Learn how to make glitter ornaments without getting glitter everywhere!

Hello and welcome to a fun series I’ll be doing for the next 7 days—the week of DIY Christmas ornaments using clear ball ornaments. I know it’s a bit early for Christmas for some of you.

But knowing that a lot of people start decorating for the holidays the day after Thanksgiving, I wanted to share these ideas to give you plenty of time to prep! And this one is perfect for doing with the kids while they’re off school, too.

For the first DIY, I am sharing a simple no-mess glitter Christmas ornaments tutorial. Glitter is messy…so you might make a mess while making these. But once they’re done and sealed, you won’t have glitter all over your house like a lot of other Christmas swag.

silver, gold, and white DIY glitter ornaments

Here’s what I used…

And here’s how to make glitter ornaments!

Step 1: Pour soap into a clear ball ornament

Pour a bit of Murphy’s Oil Soap into the ornament. I used Murphy’s soap because it’s what I had on hand. I have seen others using Pledge products, but I am pleased to report Murphy’s works great as well!

You’ll need just enough to coat the ornament. Swish it around the cover the entire interior, capping off the open top with a paper towel. Once the interior is covered, set the ornament upside down in a small paper cup to drain the excess soap.

You can then reuse the excess soap you dumped into the cup for your next ornament! Don’t chuck it!

making glitter ornaments using floor polish
making glitter ornaments using floor polish

Step 2: Dump glitter in

Using a funnel, dump some glitter in and turn the ornament to cover as much surface area as you can. Add more glitter as needed. I didn’t have a small funnel, so I used a small piece of rolled-up newspaper.

My take…I personally thought that the big chunky glitter looked the best for this project. I tried various different sizes and shine levels of glitter. Big, chunky, shiny glitter is the way to go!

bottles of glitter
glitter on a piece of newspaper
dumping glitter inside of a clear ornament
silver DIY glitter ornament
silver DIY glitter ornament

Step 3: Drain excess glitter

Once the entire interior surface area is covered, turn the ornament upside down and set in a small paper cup to get out any excess glitter and any remaining soap. Not much comes out at this point, but if there is any excess, it’s good to get it out to help speed up drying.

I let my ornaments sit out on a table with their caps off overnight to dry out a bit. Then I popped the caps on and put them on the tree.

how to make a glitter ornament

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Finished DIY glitter Christmas ornaments!

What do you think? Such a quick, easy, and cheap DIY that will look stunning on your tree! And this is a really great DIY to involve kids with, too (if you can stand them working with glitter lol). It’s so hard to mess up!

silver, gold, and white DIY glitter ornaments
silver, gold, and white DIY glitter ornaments
silver, gold, and white DIY glitter ornaments
silver, gold, and white DIY glitter ornaments
gold DIY glitter ornament
lit up christmas tree

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