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21 Cricut Mug Ideas!

Looking for Cricut mug ideas? Whether you’re making an adhesive vinyl mug or an Infusible Ink mug with your mug press, I’ve got you covered with 21 amazing designs to replicate! These images are shared with the permission of their respective owners. Enjoy!

21 Cricut mug project ideas

Hey all! Today I’ve got a roundup of 21 different Cricut mug ideas for you. I have made my fair share of DIY Cricut mugs throughout my crafting life. I started off making mugs with vinyl, but when the Mug Press came out, I went a little nuts.

Because I’m a true crime but, I made a few cute true-crimed-themed mugs with bright patterns and fun sayings that I’m including in this list. They went over super well with all of the other nuts out there who are obsessed with true crime! You’ll see them in a bit—but for now, let’s get started with a few others.

pinnable graphic about cricut mug projects including images and text overlay

1. “You’re On Mute” Infusible Ink Wrapper Mug

Ok, as someone who is still working fully remotely in my office job, this is an absolute must. I love it! You’d think that after doing this remote this for well over a year and a half that we’d know how to click the unmute button when we talk.

This you’re on mute mug design by Mad In Crafts will do the talking for you. It would also make a fun gift for a coworker in the remote environment 🙂

mug with You're On Mute design

2. Mr. and Mrs. Mugs

These bride and groom gift by The DIY Mommy use gold foil adhesive and have a super simple design. I love that—you don’t need to do too much. Sometimes just a bit is enough.

Mr. and Mrs mugs with heart plate

3. Mugs Made with Infusible Ink Pens

These custom long-lasting designs by my friend Cori at Hey Lets Make Stuff are so freaking cute! Cori used the Infusible Ink pens to draw designs on paper, which she then infused onto Cricut mug blanks.

They turned out so cute! If you’re able to draw freehand, you’ll love the option to use the Infusible Ink pens to create a design and permanently infuse it into your mug. Check out her tutorial for all of her tips.

flowers and hedge hog design on mugs

4. “Make Art” Infusible Ink Cricut Mug

This pretty make art mug by 100 Directions by Jen Goode is a coffee mug, but it makes the perfect pencil holder! (Honestly, I use some of my mugs for pencil and hair tie holders because, let’s be honest—we are two adults and do not need 20 mugs for coffee.)

mug with colored pencils that say Make Art

5. Love You Mom Mug Design

This mug would make a cute gift for mom—Lydia from Lydi Outloud shows you how to use adhesive vinyl to make this project. Since the designs are so small, it would also be perfect for smaller vinyl scraps! (Which I seem to talk about all the time…I hate wasting even tiny scraps!)

mug with love you mom saying

6. #1 Dad Mug Design

And now for dad—this gift for dad by Ideas for the Home by Kenarry is a simple but cute message. You could have one of the kids help to make these, too! It’s Infusible Ink, but you could also easily do black adhesive vinyl!

mug with #1 dad saying

7. Funny Coffee Mugs

If you’re into silly mugs, these funny sayings coffee mugs by Happiness is Homemade are a great option. She has a lot of different options to choose from!

first we drink the coffee then we do the things saying on coffee mug

8. Awesome Sister Mugs

Sustain My Craft Habit made these awesome sister sayings mugs using Infusible Ink and her mug press. And the best part is that it looks like she used her weeded vinyl from one mug to do a design on another mug!

my sister has an awesome sister saying on coffee mug

9. Personalized Mugs Using Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets

Amy Latta Creations made some amazing mugs using infusible ink transfer sheets, and they really showcase how stunning some of the Infusible Ink colors and patterns are! Some of them also illustrate how you can mix and match different Infusible Ink pieces for a more dimensional design (like the cute bee!).

multiple design on coffee mugs

10. Canadian Mugs

My friend Lindi at Love Create Celebrate is one of my favorite Canadians 😉 These Canada mugs she made show just how much Canadians love Canada! And who can blame them? Lumberjacks. Syrup. Universal healthcare. I’m here for it folks.

mugs with Canada designs

11. Monogram Mug/Best Teacher

This monogrammed teacher gift by Sew Much Ado is a cute idea, and she also has a “best teacher ever” file. Make sure you also throw a Starbucks of Amazon gift card in there, though, because coffee mugs don’t pay the bills for our underpaid teachers! 🙂

monogram mug with Cricut

12. Bicycle Design

This cute bicycle with a basket by Steph at Crafting in the Rain is such a cute design! Head to her post for a full tutorial on how to use Infusible Ink and a mug blank to create a design…WITHOUT a mug press! It’s a fantastic tutorial.

mug with bicycle with a basket design

If you like these Cricut mug ideas, check out these Cricut felt projects, these Cricut earring projects, and my roundup of Cricut projects for babies and kids!

13. True Crime themed Cricut Mugs

Okay guys, it’s time for my true crime mugs! I made a series of true-crime-themed mugs that say things like “talk true crime to me,” “murderino,” “introverted, but willing to discuss true crime,” and more. If you are a fan of any true crime podcasts (including My Favorite Murder), you’ll love these!!

woman holding a mug made using the Cricut Mug Press
Cricut mug press mug project that says introverted but willing to discuss true crime
Cricut mug press mug projects
Cricut mug press mug project that says muderindo

14. Dolly Parton “9 to 5” Infusible Ink Mug

And I also have to spotlight my Dolly Parton “working 9 to 5” mug. I made this file of Dolly myself, and I’m really proud of it! I use this mug most days of the week and love showing it off 🙂

dolly parton working 9 to 5 infusible ink coffee mug

15. DIY Christmas Mug

Lydia from Lydi Outloud made this cute “get the Christmas spirit” mug that you can put together yourself using adhesive vinyl. Just in time for the holidays!

coffee Christmas spirt saying on mug

16. DIY Photo Mugs Without a Mug Press!

I am REALLY impressed with these super simple photo mugs from The Country Chic Cottage! She outlines how to make photo mugs using the Cricut Mug Press. You do need a sublimation printer and sublimation paper, but it’s a great tutorial that you should definitely check out!

mugs with photos

17. Personized Kids Mugs Made Using Cricut Infusible Ink Pens

I love this idea—before I even did any other mugs, I made some kid art Infusible Ink mugs like this one this one from Ginger Snap Crafts with our neighbor. When things were still pretty nasty with socializing and she was doing virtual learning, her mom asked me to watch her one day during a meeting.

We decided to make some art on copy paper using the Infusible Ink markers and infuse it on the mug using the Mug Press. I love this idea as a personalized gift from kids to parents!

kids art on mug

18. “Drippy” Mug Made Using Cricut Infusible Ink

These mugs with fun colors and pattern combinations by Happiness is Homemade really showcase how stunning the Infusible Ink colors and patterns are. They are so incredibly vivid once they are infused.

fushia color mugs with drippy design

19. Groovy Retro Mug

I kind of love this cute stay groovy retro design by Tiffanie Anne, especially the background in this picture, lol. And the donut. Makes me want to go on vacation instead of craft.

stay groovy retro design on mug

20. Artist Supply Mug

And another fun artsy design by 100 Directions by Jen Goode—this one uses a full mug wrap design with a pre-cut and pre-sized Infusible Ink sheet for mugs. I love the mug wraps because they maximize the area of the mug that takes on the Infusible Ink patterns and colors, leaving white space at a minimum.

art supplies graphic on a mug

21. Infusible Ink Beach Designs

And as a last project, these colorful beachy designs by Cori at Hey Let’s Make Stuff are very cute. I love the design of the octopus tentacles.

octapus tenticles on a mug

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pinnable graphic about 21 cricut mug projects to try including images and text overlay
pinnable graphic about 21 cricut mug projects to try including images and text overlay

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