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How to Make Popsicles With Juice

Wondering how to make popsicles with juice? It’s incredibly easy and the perfect healthy summer treat—also perfect for sick kids! We used fresh-squeezed orange juice for ours. Learn how.

How to make popsicles with juice

This is one of those posts that I wondered…should I even write a post about it? But, if I had a question about it at some point, I’m guessing someone else did, too. So I’m writing it!

It’s one of those projects that is so easy that you’ll think you’re doing it wrong. Surely every homemade thing takes 900 steps and is harder than just buying the damn thing…but these? These are not! 

Making orange juice popsicles at home is super easy, and it’s a fun activity for kids to do, too. I mean, the pouring of the juice is really the only step. The waiting for the popsicles to freeze up is the longest part of the process, and kids hate waiting. 

But getting them out and eating them knowing you made them is also fun for kids! Especially if you use fun molds like we did. My daughter loved the flamingos, and picking them out at Joann was half the fun.

homemade orange juice popsicle made in a flamingo mold

So here’s what we used for our orange juice popsicles:

  • Molds designed for popsicles. We got ours on clearance at Joann for just a few bucks. They were from their “place and time” summer line. If you can’t find fun popsicle molds, you could always pick up a fun silicone mold and set a popsicle stick down in it.
  • Fresh juice. We bought a thing of pulpy fresh-squeezed orange juice from the store because I definitely did not have the patience to squeeze it on my own.
  • Freezer

And here’s how to make popsicles with juice!

Step 1: Fill the molds

When we were younger, we used to just fill up ice cube trays and add toothpicks in them. My how options have changed! You can buy any number of cute or plain popsicle molds online or at Target, Walmart, etc.

As I mentioned, ours came from Joann. It’s a silicone flamingo mold that makes two popsicles, and it comes with the sticks! Since silicone is somewhat hard to keep stable, I set the mold on a plate first. You don’t need to add anything special to the molds before pouring.

silicone flamingo mold
silicone flamingo mold
silicone flamingo mold
homemade orange juice popsicles made in a flamingo mold

What kind of juice should I use for my juice popsicles?

I recommend using a pulpy juice since the pulp freezes really nicely and adds a bit of a “bite” to the popsicle. It reminds me of the fruit juice pops you buy in stores. These of course have sugar because they are made with juice, but they don’t have the added sugar that many of the store-bought pops have.

If you are using a fresh-squeezed juice or a bottle of juice from the store, you do not need to add anything to it. Simply pour the juice in and let it freeze.

If you’d like to use a can of frozen juice concentrate, make sure to dilute it with up to 2 cans of water in a bowl before pouring. You can test to see how strong the flavor is after 1 can and add more water to dilute accordingly. 

jug of orange juice

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Step 2: Freeze and eat!

My daughter was home sick on the day we made ours, so we poured the OJ in and popped them in the freezer around lunch. She took a nap, and by the time she woke up, they were plenty frozen enough.

I knew we would be eating ours immediately, so I didn’t worry about freezer burn. However, if you’ll be letting them sit or storing them longer term, make sure to put a freezer bag around them.

The orange juice popsicles are a bit more fragile than the store-bought ones (I accidentally broke one of the flamingo necks off) but they are easy to eat! Enjoy!

homemade orange juice popsicle made in a flamingo mold
homemade orange juice popsicle made in a flamingo mold

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