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5 You’ve Been Elfed Free Printables

Join in on some neighborhood holiday gift-giving fun! Download one of my 5 adorable You’ve Been Elfed free printables!

Download my 5 You’ve Been Elfed free printables!

If you’ve been a subscriber for a while, you might remember my “you’ve been boo’d” and “you’ve been boozed” free printables I posted around Halloween. Well, if you have a social neighborhood of people who like each other, then I have good news! There is also a Christmas/holidays version of the game.

I fully support any tradition that involves making people happy and giving gifts to other—especially if they don’t expect the gifts! And that’s essentially what this game is. When you “elf” your neighbor (or anyone, really), you leave them a surprise gift at their door.

graphic with text that says you've been elfed free printables and images of the printables

How does the game work?

First you leave someone a gift with a set of two fliers. One of the fliers lets the person know that they’ve been elfed. The gift receiver can then put it on their door or in their window so other people know they have already gotten a gift. You don’t have to do the second part, but it is helpful if you have an active neighborhood!

The other is a flier you can use to let them know they’ve been elfed. It explains what it means and what to do next! These types of games are typically pay-it-forward-style games for neighborhoods, but you can elf anyone you want. If you are doing nice things for others, why make rules?

While my neighborhood isn’t exactly the most social, I am definitely going to “elf” our next door neighbors! She has a little girl who will love this. And she is at the perfect age for this kind of stuff!

If you’re looking for something to give away, then why not try making some homemade brownie cake pops? I am definitely not a cook or a baker, but even I made them. They are delicious, so I highly recommend them!

graphic with images of you've been elfed printables
graphic with images of you've been elfed printables
graphic with images of you've been elfed printables

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graphic with images of you've been elfed printables
graphic with images of you've been elfed printables

Download the printables here!

Want to join in on the fun and elf your neighbors? Drop your email in the signup form below. After you confirm your email address (I do this to cut down on spam, sooo much spam), you’ll be directed to a Dropbox folder with all of the files!

If you have any problems accessing or downloading the files, then please let me know. All of the files are .PNG files, so you can print them easily on a home computer. Enjoy, and have a great holiday!

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