Wondering how to use air dry clay? It’s a great, cheap, and simple crafting medium for kids and adults alike.

Supplies needed

I picked up some Crayola air dry clay in white and used just a few other supplies.

Create your design.  This is super great for little hands to get started with

We made some little pots by rolling a small plastic cache pot along the clay so I would know where to cut.

Smooth the edges together and use a brush to brush on water if the clay gets too dry.

Add some clay to make the bottom of the pot.

We also made a handprint, some pinch pots, and some dinosaur eggs.

Let the design dry.  Crayola says not to bake it, but I'm impatient and did it anyway.  I put them in the oven before turning it on to 200 degrees.


After baking, seal and paint.  Paint with a high quality acrylic paint so it will last.