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5 Printable Scavenger Hunts for Kids

Looking for something fun, easy, and free to do inside with kids? Check out my 5 printable scavenger hunts to keep your little ones busy!

Download my 5 free printable scavenger hunts for kids!

We were recently at our local library, which has a fantastic section for kids. In addition to all of the books, they also have a little play area that my daughter loves. And the last time we were there, they had something else—a scavenger hunt!

She is 4 and absolutely LOVES scavenger hunts. Hiding and finding anything, really. The game was simple—they’d printed out a few dinosaurs and taped them up around the kids area.

And then they’d also put out little pieces of paper that has pictures of those same dinosaurs. As the kids found each dino, they could cross them off. She was all over this and did it twice. I knew it would be the perfect thing to replicate at home now that we’re heading into winter and need some more indoor activities.

collage of free printable indoor scavenger hunts for kids

Household items scavenger hunt for kids

So the first one I put together is probably the easiest one. This one is a household items scavenger hunt, and I tried to make it as general as possible. If you don’t have any of these items, you can just cross them off before your kid begins the hunt.

I’m planning to give my daughter this with a clipboard and her little camera. I’ll tell her that each of the items she finds, she’ll need to cross it off and also take a picture of it. Two of her favorite things! She loves her little camera, too.

collage of a free printable indoor scavenger hunt for kids

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Print and hide scavenger hunts

And then the remaining three are a bit different—and a bit more like the ones we saw at the neighborhood. However, to keep her entertained for a bit longer, each of these hunts has anywhere from 12 to 20 items to find.

And they work like this: print the main page that has all of the dinosaurs on it. And then print the hide-able images; I’ve formatted these so that there are four on each piece of printer paper.

collage of printable indoor dinosaur scavenger hunt for kids
collage of printable indoor animal scavenger hunt for kids

After printing each one of these, cut along the dotted line and hide them. This is a nice game because you can make them pretty easy for young kids (tape them on the side of the couch, put one under the coffee table, etc). For older kids, you can make it a bit harder.

I have four of these to choose from—one with dinosaurs, one with animals, and two different fairy options. My daughter loves fairies, and I knew she’d love both of these sets of fairy images.

collage of printable indoor fairy scavenger hunt for kids
collage of printable indoor fairy scavenger hunt for kids

Download the printables here!

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collage that says 5 printable indoor scavenger hunts! with images of the printables

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