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Y Words for Kids

If you’re looking for Y words for kids to help them on their reading journey, look no further! I have a free printable sheet with 27 words, including 6 flashcards.

27 Y words for kids including a free printable and flashcards!

I recently did a post on sh words for kids that included several free printables and flashcards. While doing some research for that post, I also noticed that Y words are often searched for, too! Specifically, Y words for kids to help them learn the different sounds.

So I decided to throw together a quick handout with 27 Y words that have between three and five letters—one or two that have more than five letters. Turns out there is no shortage of Y words that kids might use.

But a lot of them are kind of hard to find a good image for. Hence why there are only 6 flashcards 🙂 But the printout has all 27 of the words that start with Y!

pinnable collage with pictures of Y words for kids

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printable with Y words for the kids
flashcards with pictures of Y words for kids

Want this freebie?

If you want to download the sheet of free printable Y words for kids plus 6 easy Y-word flashcards, drop your email below! Once you confirm your email address in your inbox, you’ll be automatically redirected to my Dropbox folder with the files.

As a bonus, you’ll also see my other letter printables I’m working on (which is why the image below says “sh” words…those are in there, too!). Enjoy!

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pinnable collage with pictures of Y words for kids

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