Do you want to start your sewing journey, but are nervous where to start?  This simple DIY tote bag is the perfect starter project.

Get yourself set up at your sewing machine with some sturdy fabric, thread, and a few other supplies.

Measure and cut your fabric. Two large rectangles and two long thin rectangles.

Now you can pin and sew the two large rectangle pieces together on three sides to make the bag. 

When you flip the bag right side out the ends will need to be poked and ironed to maintain the bags shape.

Hem the opening of the tote. Bonus add a french seam for a more polished finish.

Create the straps by folding in the edges and then folding the fabric in half before sewing.

Attach the straps to the inside of the bag. You will have two straps, one for each side of the tote.

Finished Tote Bag

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