The Do's and Don'ts of Shibori Dyeing

Tie-dyeing is a craft that has withstood the test of time.  Learn how to do Shibori dyeing from Japan, and skip my mistakes.

Types of Shibori

There are six: Itajime, Arashi, Kanoko, Miura, Nui, and Kumo.

You will need: muslin blankets, dye, hot water, dish soap, and some other dye specific supplies.  Shibori is typically done using indigo, but I opted for more Earth tones.

The Kanoko style requires finding the center point, pinching and lifting the blanket. Then, you will use twine to wrap and bind the blanket securing the ends with rubberbands.

Arashi technique requires folding the blanket accordion style, and then wrapping it on a pole and securing the ends with rubberbands.

Itajime style is folding the muslin in squares, and then sandwiching it between blocks. Tight pressure is the key to this style.

For every style dye, rinse, reveal, and wash. Swipe up for exact dye times.

All of the techniques were fun to try, and will make great activities to do with older kids.