paint dipped cutting board diy

Cutting boards come in all shapes and sizes.  They make great decor pieces for your kitchen. They also make great gifts!

Take a plain cutting board and customize it for yourself or your favorite hostess!

Supplies needed

I used the Proppmatt from Ikea, it was only $4, but you can use any cutting board you want.

Use frog tape to tape of the area to be painted for a "dipped" effect.

Use a small brush to paint the "dipped" area.

Pull the tape off while the paint is still wet for super crisp lines.

Seal the painted part only with a generous coating of matte acrylic spray.

The painted area won't be food safe, so only paint the handle if you want to use it for real food prep.

Isn't it cute?! They make perfect gifts and you don't have to spend a lot of money to make it.