Silicone Putty allows you to create molds of small objects.

Use it to create crafts using resin, wax, baking, candies, ice cubes, soap, air dry clay, concrete, plaster and even low-melt metals.

How to make a mold

First, quickly mix the two parts of silicone together.  Work quickly, it has a 3-minute working time.

Roll and flatten mixed silicone. Flatten based on the depth of the impression you'll need.

Choose an object to create an impression.  I chose a snowflake ornament.

Quickly press the object into the silicone putty until you're happy with the placement.  Allow to cure

There is a 3-minute working time and the silicone will be set within 4-25 minutes.

Remove your object after curing.  If you're impatient and want to use it right away, you can heat cure in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes