Looking for something to entertain the littles when they are stuck inside? Well we have taken 5 homemade playdough recipes to review for you to try.

I Heart Naptime's Homemade Playdough: Creates a large batch of dough with the ability to add color afterwards with food coloring.

The Best Playdough Recipe by This recipe involves adding boiling water to the mixture while mixing slowly.

The Best Ideas for Kids: This recipe uses a slow stovetop simmer method and koolaid, that creates playdough with vivid color and pleasant scent.

Just a Taste's Easy Homemade No Cook Playdough: It involves using boiling water and adding it to the mixture. This recipe doesn't dry out as quickly as other homemade recipes.

Stay at Home Educator: This recipe doesn't use cream of tartar like most recipes, and the results are a more pliable playdough.

Which recipes were your favorites?

Swipe to see the best way to store, add color, and revive dried playdough here.

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