Kid's love making and playing with slime...it's a known fact.

I tested 5 different slime recipes to find the best one.   R helped me and she had a lot of fun. Some were okay and one was the perfect slime recipe for us.

Easy borax slime

Mixing was easy, but you will likely have to knead it on the table after it reaches critical mass.  This one was okay for a first try.

DIY sand slime

Contact solution, sand, and glue are the main 3 ingredients of this one.  I liked this one!  and so did R.  We were able to store it in a baggie and reuse it for a few days.

easy 3 ingredient slime

This one was...messy.  If your kid isn't afraid to dive into things, this is your slime.

diy fluffy slime

This one was fun. Shaving cream helps you get the "fluff"

liquid starch and glue slime

Yesssssss. THIS.  This is the one!  3 ingredients and it's super easy to make.

If you're looking for the consistency of the store-bought slimes, this is the one.