Cutting Wood With Your Cricut Maker Knife Tool

What can the Cricut Maker Knife blade cut?

Balsa wood  Basswood  Cricut Chipboard  Craft Foam  Leather Matboard


Cuts should be moderately detailed; no smaller than 3/4" including interior cuts.

Your Cricut Maker requires multiple passes to cut through thicker materials like wood; so the fast mode cut will not work for these projects.

Before removing the mat from the machine check to ensure all cuts are good to go and that you don’t need to run the material through for more passes.


Move the star wheels

Preparing to Use the Cricut Knife Blade

Prepare your material and mat, then calibrate your knife blade.


Prep the machine and materials

Cutting Wood on the Cricut Maker


Start the project.


Wait awhile, then finish up!

Check the project before removing the mat from the machine