How to Make Fun  SHapes With Melted Crayons

Admit it, you have a box or Ziploc bag full of broken crayons in your home. Use this tutorial to bring new life to them before discarding.

You will needs crayons of course, silicone molds of your choosing, a heat gun, and a few other small items to make your own.

There are several different ways to melt crayons including: oven, microwave, and heat gun.

To begin collect your broken crayons, remove the wrapper, and break into smaller pieces.

After the crayons are prepped, you can decide on color patterns. I went with mixing colors, but you can go solid as well.

Now you can melt the crayons. I went with the heat gun method.

After the molds have cooled, you can remove them from the silicone.

Now you have a collection of fun-shaped crayons that will bring joy to your kiddos!

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