Hair damage is a real pain, and with more humid weather comes the frizz.  That's why I have come up with the perfect coconut and argan oil hair mask to bring beauty back to your locks. 

Argan oil is full of fatty acids and Vitamin E which do wonders for moisturizing the hair follicles. 

The recipe is really simple and limited so recreating it will be fairly easy for everyone. All you need is coconut oil, argan oil, a scented oil for added beauty, and a few other tools and supplies.

Mix the argan oil and coconut oil together in a ziploc bag or bowl. 

Run the bag under hot water until the mixture liquifies. It won't take too long since coconut oil melts at around 76 degrees.

Apply the mask to detangled, damp hair. I like to sleep in the mask for extra moisturizing. The hair should be oily, but not dripping in oil.

Tip apply conditioner to hair when rinsing out the mask to get oil off easily. Now do your hair toss and love those luscious strands.

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