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Free Printable Home Selling Checklist

Looking for a free printable home selling checklist? I’ve got you! My two-page printable PDF covers everything you need to prep your home for selling, including deep cleaning, repairs, and staging.

The only free printable home selling checklist you need!

Hey all! Today’s printable is a little different…I have mostly been doing kid-themed printables and things like calendars and to do lists, but this one is for home owners! It isn’t exactly a tough home-selling market right now—I hear you can just put a trash pit home on the market and it will sell with multiple offers for over asking price.

But I hear it is beginning to cool off a bit, at least accordingly to one realtor I know. And, like a lot of other weirdos out there, I love obsessively watching local real estate. What’s going up for sale, what prices things are selling for, how long things are staying on the market, etc.

free printable home selling checklist

Getting your home ready to put on the market

But even if it is a seller’s market, it’s still a good idea to prepare your home to sell. Honestly, we aren’t even currently trying to sell our home, and I still try to use this list to guide my cleaning and organizing. It’s a great spring cleaning checklist if you just ignore the “style” section of the staging part.

So this free printable home selling checklist is actually two pages. The first page focuses exclusively on deep cleaning your house. I wanted to focus on this first because a good deep clean can show you whether you actually need to replace something. Clean the carpets and they still look like garbage? Maybe you need to replace them.

Then the second page focuses on repairs—what can’t be fixed with cleaning? What needs a bit more of a facelift? Do you need to add light or redo caulk on baseboards? How about replace your moldy shower curtain?

free printable home selling checklist
free printable home selling checklist

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Want to download the checklist?

And here are a few pictures of what my home looked like one day when I staged it to take some photos! We weren’t selling it, but I wanted to make it as close as possible to “staged” for my photos. See how there isn’t a ton on the counters? No clutter on the sinks? 🙂

images of a clean kitchen and bathroom
images of a clean home ready to sell

Ready to download the checklist?

Here ya go! All you need to do is CLICK THIS LINK to head over to my Dropbox account. I’ve saved a printable PDF file of the home selling checklist in there, and you can download it and print it as you wish for your personal use. Enjoy and good luck!

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