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DIY Soft Scrub Cleaner

Learn how to make cheap and effective DIY soft scrub cleaner out of just a few ingredients—it works like a charm all around the home!

Make Cheap and Effective DIY Soft Scrub Cleaner

Sure, most people don’t get excited about cleaning supplies. But I think you’re going to get excited about this one. It’s a cheap and effective homemade soft scrub cleaner made out of baking soda, vinegar, and vodka, so you can fix yourself a cocktail while you’re whipping up a batch.

I used this mixture to clean the tub in our new place last weekend, and it was so freaking rewarding. It’s a paste-like mixture, so I put on gloves and spread it out all over the tub. I let it sit for a few minutes, sprayed the tub down with a spray bottle full of water, and then used a scrub brush. That tub was so unbelievably clean when I washed everything away.

DIY soft scrub cleaner in a bowl

Here are the supplies I used for a small batch:

2 tbsp plain white vinegar is cheap cleaning staple. And the smell doesn’t doesn’t linger. Vinegar is a weak form of acetic acid. FYI, I’ve read you shouldn’t use vinegar-based cleaning products on granite, marble, stone, and some hardwood finishes. Definitely look into whether or not you should use vinegar (or any cleaning ingredient) on your particular surface. 

– 1/2 cup baking soda adds some grit to the mixture and also helps deodorize. Plus it’s very fun to make baking soda volcanoes by pouring vinegar into a bowl of baking soda.

-1 tbsp vodka is an excellent, inexpensive disinfecting product. I once had a wonderful doctor who told me about a time she was on vacation in Mexico and removed a friend’s ingrown toenail using only vodka for sterilization. Gross, but I miss her–wish she hadn’t gone back to Canada 🙂 You can also put bottom-shelf vodka in a spray bottle and spray it on surfaces as a disinfectant. It’s highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

-10 drops peppermint essential oil for scent (I use NOW Foods brand).

DIY soft scrub cleaner on a spoon

And here’s I made cheap and effective soft scrub cleaner!

(Don’t use any ingredients you’re allergic to, and always spot test new ingredients to make sure you don’t have a reaction to them. Do not use any homemade products without consulting with an appropriate medical professional first.)

Step 1: First I mixed the vinegar, vodka, and peppermint oil in a bowl.

adding liquid for the DIY soft scrub cleaner

Step 2: While stirring, I dumped in the baking soda. The mixture became a paste.

DIY soft scrub cleaner

And that’s it! I used gloved hands or a brush to spread the mixture over the dirty surface. I let it sit for a few minutes and then scrubbed off. Also, I used a spray bottle full of water to add a bit of moisture when scrubbing and then rinsed thoroughly.

The peppermint is optional, but it makes the room smell amazing. This is a fantastic option for cleaning pet items, too, but I hold off on the peppermint scent when cleaning our kitty pans since cats can be finicky about scents.

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