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Cricut Water Bottle Projects

If you’re looking for Cricut water bottle projects to inspire your next vinyl crafting session, look no further! This roundup shares lots of different fun projects. These images are shared with the permission of their respective owners. Enjoy!

16 fun Cricut water bottle projects!

You know what they say: friends don’t let friends have blank water bottles! Well, I don’t know if normal people say that, but crafty people certainly do. And blank water bottles top the list of easy-to-customize and easy-to-find blanks.

If you’re looking for Cricut water bottle projects to inspire your next crafting session, have a look through this post! Whether it is a decal on a plastic water bottle of a flask-style bottle, there is something for everyone here.

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1. Disney-Inspired Water Bottle Decals

Okay—I will admit it. I’ve never been to Disney World, and I don’t think I’ll ever go. Would my daughter love it? Yes. Do I struggle with crazy crowds? Also yes. For now, I’m going to tell her that the Mall of America’s theme park is Disney World.

But if you are a Disney fan, check out these Disney-inspired water bottles from 100 Directions with Jen Goode. If you want the real thing, there are a zillion official Disney SVG files out there that you can purchase and put on water bottles, too!

pink and blue water bottles with mickey mouse emblem
100 Directions with Jen Goode

2. “Just Breathe” Cricut Decal Water Bottle Project

This water bottle project from Clean and Scentsible uses permanent smart vinyl in shimmer. If you haven’t used Smart Vinyl yet, it’s a must! Depending on the size you use, you can cut the vinyl without a mat on the Cricut Joy or the Explore 3/Maker 3 series of machines.

Mat-less cutting just means one less thing you have to buy and worry about needing for crafting. I love how quick it makes projects. Check out the original tutorial linked above for all of the details on this bottle!

white water bottle with Just Breathe
Clean and Scentsible

3. Custom Stainless Steel Water Bottles

These custom stainless steel water bottles made with Cricut vinyl from Happiness is Homemade are simple but gorgeous. I love how she chose bright colors but only went with white for the vinyl color.

The designs are also quite intricate, meaning the white is perfect for not overpowering the design. If you’re a lover of the outdoors, definitely check these designs out!

3 water bottles with bright ombre colors
Happiness is Homemade

4. Simple Workout Water Bottle

I won’t be needing this workout water bottle because I do not remember the last time I went to the gym. I’d like to blame COVID, but the truth is that I didn’t go before the world shut down anyways 🙂

Instead, I’d much rather take this cute workout water bottle from Lovely Indeed on a long walk or an easy hike. I’m much more of a walker than a runner, and getting outside is so helpful when trying to clear my mind.

Clear water bottle with work work work text
Lovely Indeed

5. Personalizing a Kid’s Water Bottle With Cricut Vinyl

If you’ve ever had a kid in care, you know that you have to label EVERYTHING. My daughter has a few “school” water bottles that I just write her name on in permanent market. These waterproof labels from Pretty Providence are a much better idea.

Not only do they meet the requirement to label everything, they look pretty. And I bet they stay on a lot longer than the marker I use. Despite it being a permanent marker, I feel like I have to re-write it every week!

light pink water bottle with name on it
Pretty Providence

6. Water Bottle with Daily Drink Allowance Markings

Although you can’t see it in the pic below (click over to the post to see!), this daily drink allowance water bottle from Angie Holden at The Country Chic Cottage has marks to help keep you on track with your daily fluid intake goals.

Also, the post with this tutorial covers the Cricut Brightpad in depth and goes over everything you need to know about using it.

water bottle with "every day i'm guzzlin"
The Country Chic Cottage

7. “Drink Your Freakin Water” Water Bottle Design

I feel like there is a project or two in every Cricut roundup I do from my friend Cori at Hey Let’s Make Stuff. And I’ll tell you why: she is awesome! Check out this water bottle design made with adhesive vinyl as just one example.

Cori has lots of awesome freebies and tutorials on her site—and when you visit her site, you also know you are supporting an amazing person. Go have a look around her site for more!

water bottle next to Cricut macine

8. Water Bottles for Kids Lunch Boxes

I don’t know about you, but my kid loves helping me pick designs for “stickers” to put on her things. I sometimes let her just look around Design Space while I’m scrolling through and let her pick things to cut out.

This water bottle and lunchbox set from Moms and Crafters is a great example of a quick and easy “sticker project” we might do. We did this for her lunchbox, too—I just never did a post about it.

For more like this, check out my post about 25 Cricut projects to make for babies and kids!

blue water bottle with rocket image
Moms and Crafters

9. Graduation Water Bottle

So this water bottle is a bit niche considering it’s a water bottle customized for a 2021 graduate. But you can easily take this concept from Sew Much Ado and run with it! Or customize it for 2022 next year 😉

peach water bottle with hydrate, radiate, graduate text
Sew Much Ado

10. Daily Affirmations Water Bottle Project

Sometimes we all need a reminder of how amazing we are. Hell, I need one most days. These vinyl water bottles with daily affirmations from The Pretty Life Girls are the perfect solution. While you’re hydrating, why not remind yourself how worthy, beautiful, and powerful you are?

3 water bottles with daily affirmation says
The Pretty Life Girls

11. Shimmer Vinyl Unicorn Water Bottle

Craft Box Girls customized a purple kids water bottle by adding a unicorn with premium shimmer permanent vinyl. This is really similar to what we did for R’s plastic lunch box—we used a gold shimmer vinyl for her name and them put a unicorn on in white. We did that about a year ago, and it has held up great!

Head over to Lynn’s website for a tutorial on this water bottle—plus a coordinating backpack!

water bottle with unicorn image
Craft Box Girls

12. Hand-Lettered Water Bottle Made With Cricut

This water bottle with pizazz from Pitter and Glink shares a gorgeous file that she actually hand-lettered herself! It also has an offset to it, meaning you can layer the letters on top of a base. You can see that she used a patterned vinyl for her letters and a solid pink for the base.

Hand lettered words on pink water bottle
Pitter and Glink

Check out my posts about how to use the Cricut mug press and then see these 21 different custom Cricut mug ideas!

13. Runner’s Water Bottle

I will probably never make this water bottle because I hate running and prefer bagels 🙂 But I know lots of you weirdos actually enjoy running, so I’m including this simple and cute water bottle for runners from Kelly Leigh Creates!

Stainless steel water bottle with running shoes
Kelly Leigh Creates

14. Water Bottle for Nurses

Nurses, we love them because they keep the train on the tracks! And man have they had a rough year and a half. Celebrate the nurse in your life with one of these cute nurse water bottle designs from See Kate Sew (also love that matte gray water bottle!).

3 water bottle with nurses appreciation sayings
See Kate Sew

15. Cricut Mermaid Water Bottle Project

I love holographic vinyl, and it’s the perfect vinyl for anything mermaid-themed! This pretty mermaid water bottle was made with blue holographic vinyl by 5 Little Monsters—and my mermaid-loving neighbor would adore this. Project idea for the next time she comes over!

water bottle with mermaid image and saying
5 Little Monsters

16. Sea Shell Water Bottle Project

And this seashell water bottle from Kelly at DIY, I’m Home would be the perfect complement to the mermaid water bottle! Or maybe combine the two and add a few of these seashells to the mermaid water bottle. Check out the tutorial on Kelly’s blog—plus a batching lunch box!

water bottle with turquoise shells
DIY, I’m Home

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