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Cats > People Free SVG Cut File

This post shares a free “cats are better than people” cut file in .svg form that you can use in any major cutting machine. These files are for personal use only.

Cats Are Better Than People Free Cut File

Hey everyone, it’s time for some QCC: QUALITY CAT CONTENT. And it’s also the first in a fun new series I’ll be doing called Offbeat Cut File Friday where I’ll be giving away free cut files 🙂

I’m calling it Offbeat Cut File Friday because a lot of these cut files are going to be a bit different from what you typically see in the cut file crafting world. You will not see any of these in my cut files:

  • Bless This Mess
  • It’s Wine O’Clock
  • Raised on Sweet Tea & Jesus
  • No Coffee No Workee
  • #girlboss

And the like. Why? Because they just aren’t me. And there are so many of them. And crafters deserve more variety…and I just have a lot to say that aren’t those things, so I’m going to make .svg files for them because I’m too lazy to actually make t-shirts. I used my Cricut Explore Air 2 for this project, but the file will work on any of the major cutting machines.

First file!

So we’re going to kick off the first in this series with a cat-themed file that is definitely not going to piss anyone off (unlike the I Love My Dads sneak peek I posted to my Facebook page, DENISE WITH THE ANGRY REACTION). 

And what better way to let mankind know how you really feel they stack up against cats than with a statement tote bag?

tote bag that says cats > people over and over
tote bag that says cats > people over and over

Or starting brainwashing your baby early by putting it on a romper instead. I’m here for you. I’m not going to let your baby grow up not respecting her feline overlords. 

baby bodysuit that says cats > people
baby bodysuit that says cats > people

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On the bag I lined up the file vertically just to really hammer home my message. For the smaller baby romper, I cut the file and then used scissors to cut the iron-on area in half so I could fit it on a smaller space. Want to download this file? Sign up below!

Like this? PIN IT!

pinnable graphic about a free cats > people cut file to download including a photo of it on a tote bag and text overlay
pinnable graphic about a free cats > people cut file to download including a photo of it on a baby bodysuit and text overlay

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