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Free Printable 52-Week Money Challenge Sheets

Want to jump-start your savings for the new year? Check out my free printable 52-week money challenge sheets! You can download the instantly, and why wait to get started?!

Download my free printable 52-week money challenge sheets!

A few months ago, I posted my 15 Free Printable Savings Trackers and talked a bit about how much I love personal finance. I love savings challenges, listening to podcasts about personal finance (my favorite is Afford Anything), and learning about investing.

But sometimes it’s about taking small steps, and that’s where the 52-week money saving challenge comes in! Today I have several free printable 52-week money challenge sheets to help you get started, too.

screenshot of a free printable 52-week savings tracker
screenshot of a free printable 52-week savings tracker

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So as you can see by these sheets, the premise of the 52-week saving challenge is pretty simple. For an entire year—which is 52 weeks—you input that amount of money. So during week 1 you put $1 in, week 2 you put $2 in, etc. It’s easy at first, but it gets harder as the weeks go on!

But if you can manage to put away the week’s amount of money each week, you’ll end up with $1,378 by the end of the year. And that’s a pretty sweet dent in an emergency fund or some sort of debt payoff. Really, any savings goal.

And I have a few versions of these trackers. One just has all of the values, and you can cross them off as you save them. The other version has a blank spot for a date so you can fill out when you do the deposit. Your call.

screenshot of a free printable 52-week savings tracker
screenshot of a free printable 52-week savings tracker

What is the weekly savings rate is too much?

I get it. Not everyone is in a position to save a lot of money every week. Sometimes even a few bucks can be the difference between paying the bills and late fees. I’m a big fan of saving at whatever rate you can, so I also created versions of these trackers that remove the “week” label.

For these, you can go at your own pace. I’ve relabeled the “week” columns as “block.” So you can save multiple blocks at once and cross them off. And if there’s a week you can’t save, just catch it next week! At the end of the chart, you’ll still have the same amount.

screenshots of the free printable 52-week savings trackers

Want to download the savings trackers?

Want to download the free printable 52-week money challenge sheets? I use Grow by Mediavine to deliver most of my exclusive freebies. Signing up below will unlock a Dropbox folder with all of the printables for instant download. Enjoy!

Here is a link to the Dropbox folder!

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